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Let’s face it, we all need to create back links to our web sites if we’d like to get ranked for various keyword phrases, but to be perfectly honest with you, I hate doing it.

It’s not that it is hard to do, it’s just very boring and time consuming. And you never know if you can really get back the time you put into doing this really dry task.

I was chatting with my good friend and fellow online marketer, Rob Maggs, and he told me about an exciting new idea he had created. He liked to call it the Ping.FM Poster.

Here’s what Rob had to say about the Ping.FM Poster:

Getting free targeted organic traffic which converts is a dream which most Internet Marketers have but it isn’t easy to achieve and can take a lot of hard work. However there is an easy way, which will save you a lot of time and effort, if your blog or squeezepage has good “quality” content then you’ll get hits by interested buyers within minutes, not only that your posts will be picked up by Google straight away and you’ll appear in searches very quickly for your keyword phrase. It will literally take you seconds to do this.

Ping.FM Poster is an application developed to take advantage of the PingFM system and the facility to post to over 30 social networking sites at a time.

I was impressed when I found Ping.FM, I’d been reading about how you could use it to update all of your social networking sites at one time and could really see a lot or promise in that. The only hassle is the time it takes to register with all of the social network sites that Ping.FM posts to. But you could automate the process by using a macro based program or the free version of Roboform.

While I was going through the tedious registration process, I thought about the possibilities, every post I made would immediately be seen by hundreds if not more targeted users in my niche and I could see that this would be a great way of not only growing my following and popularity on these social networks, but also boosting my web traffic and attracting loads of targeted buyers. It was a truly awesome concept…The stuff of dreams.

I realised that if I were to automate the posting to Ping.FM then I could get a load of traffic for very little work. So I made Ping.FM poster, a lightweight desktop application for Windows which you pin to your taskbar and can access anytime, without having to log in to Ping.FM. I knew it would be a valuable and useful tool, but then you could easily login to Ping.FM and keep the dashboard open…so it was useful, but not special and I wanted something unique. It was then that I had a “Eureka” moment and thought, “What about adding a scheduled poster?” So my updates could be sent out at random times during the day, whilst I concentrated on building new products and growing my business.

What Was The Result?

Take a look at the image below, these are the exact stats for this site which has only been live for a week. Notice the increase in daily traffic from zero to 134 unique visitors and that’s by only using this software!!

ping fm poster stats

Take a look also at a broad Google search for the term Pingfm Poster, On the first page of Google my site appears 8 times. I guess that explains where the traffic is coming from. Can you see the value of this software now? How would you like to be able to dominate the first page of Google for your keyword terms? Just imagine the traffic and the sales…

pingfm poster google search

I Was Blown Away!

After seeing Rob’s results, I told Rob that we needed to crank things up! Everything he created was fantastic, but I wanted to turn this into the Power Ping.FM Poster! Here’s what we’ve done to Ping.FM Poster to turn this into an industrial, hard working automation tool.

  • The Power Ping.FM Poster takes automation to a whole new level!
  • You can use as many Ping.FM accounts with this tool as you’d like! Imagine being able to post to multiple profiles all across the web.
  • You can create spinnable posts! This will almost eliminate the chances of getting accounts closed as the social networks are getting smart to repeated posts.
  • You can create unlimited and spinnable posts that contain your backlinks. Yes, you can syndicate as many links as you like. From one to 1,000 links if you’d like.
  • Unique Anti-Spam Algorithm to protect your social accounts. Using a unique proprietary algorithm, we will mix standard information posts with your linking posts to allow you to ‘fly under the radar’ and not get your social accounts closed as spammer accounts.
  • Power Ping.FM Poster contains an automatic throttling control. I hate having to figure out proxies and such, so we’ve built in a unique proprietary throttle mechanism that will allow you to only ping to Ping.FM only so much. Just about every web site on the planet will cut you off if you are trying to post too much unless you use proxies. Now, I’ll tell you that proxies can be highly unreliable and/or expensive. And they are a pain. With the built-in throttle control, you can rest easy knowing that you won’t get banned.

Power Ping.FM Poster is Truly A Set and Forget Solution!

We’ve been running the Power Ping.FM Poster on a web site that’s a couple of years old but it was getting zero traffic and was ranked for pretty much nothing. Take a look at the results after just two weeks running the Power Ping.FM Poster software.
First, check out the difference in traffic numbers:
Next, just check out the keyword search phrases that the site was being found with. I’ve got two charts. One from July 2011 and one from August 2011. Remember, we started to run the Power Ping.FM Poster on the site on the 15th of August.

July 2011

Click To See A Larger ImageClick on the image to see a larger size. You’ll notice that it’s only be found by two keyword phrases.

August 2011

Click To See A Larger Image

Wow! This site has been found by 49 keyword phrases in August!

Taking It To The Streets

Believe it or not, the concept behind this product came from a real live job that I was doing with an offline customer. After chatting to Rob about using Ping.FM to syndicate the customer’s web site links, we build the Power Ping.FM Poster. And I billed out over $500 a week to this customer for about one hour’s worth of prep time! If I can do this, so can you!

Earning over $500 per week using the Power Ping.FM Poster!



We are so confident our product will exceed your expectations that we are offering a NO QUESTIONS ASKED 60-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

That’s right! If you are not satisfied for ANY reason, we will GLADLY refund your entire purchase price! There is NO RISK involved with our product!


It’s Time To Take Action

Isn’t it time that you forget all the complicated tools or manual back linking routines. Using Ping.FM works and using it in an automated fashion can truly provide stunning results.

If it can rejuvenate this old site that’s been considered dead and forgotten by the search engines, I’m sure it can help your site.

If you purchase today in our special launch of the Power Ping.FM Poster, you can save $100 off the full price!

Sorry Ping FM Poster Is No Longer Being Sold